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About Us

    Our goal is to incorporate life insurance to protect your household and help you plan for your future. With a solid strategy both can be easily accomplished. We work to present you with additional tools to help create an understanding beyond the life insurance illustrations.

    As the daughter of a retired IRS auditor, our CEO and Founder was raised around numbers. With a passion for learning and understanding the fundamentals of tax strategies, we were able to build a community that helps others learn through real world experience. It is our passion to offer a trustworthy strategist to help you with the right financial plan for you.

Shaunelle Roeber

CEO/Chief Strategist 

    Graduate from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a Bachelor of Science in Business with a Marketing major and Accounting emphasis.


    Her knowledge of life insurance dates back nearly 30 years. As a passionate entrepreneur, Blazing Star Life Insurance Strategies is her second life insurance agency.


    She also owns Inside the Purple Door for real estate and I Am Shaunelle, LLC .


    Shaunelle’s passion for sharing the value of incorporating cash value life insurance into the portfolio includes developing a playbook for the company and the team as a guide that blends a core understanding of life insurance with compassion for utilizing the policies to save on taxes as many ways possible.


“The future is forward, and you have the opportunity to live it and be proud of it.” - Shaunelle Roeber

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