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Blazing Star Services

Below are the types of services offered at Blazing Star. Please reach out if you need help with something that is not listed.

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Minimizing Taxes

Our core strategy is to help move taxed now and taxed later dollars into the never taxed again bucket. Read here for more details on how we use the knowledge of the tax codes to benefit you.

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Created in 1997 as a hybrid between life insurance coverage with the capability to mimic stock market returns, we create custom policies to grow your funds in a tax advantaged way.       

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What’s the difference between whole life and indexed universal life? Or even the difference from term life insurance? Follow us here for a brief tutorial on life insurance.    

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We will help guide you on the right decisions for you and your family! Reach out if you want help designing the strategy that's right for you!

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Active Senior Couple
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